The Wellman Clinic on Rear 10 Patrick St, Dun Laoghaire is run by Dr. Richard and Maire Casey. Dr. Casey is highly experienced in men’s health. Feel free to call one of the phone numbers above, you will be given a time to come to the doctor as soon as possible that suits you.

Well Man services:

The following services are provided at the clinic: Full General Practice. Erectile dysfunction management and treatment & blood screening. ProstateCheck. – examination, bloods, & urine screen. Colon cancer screening. S.T.I. screening (swabs, bloods, urine, and examinations.) Genital warts frozen. Full blood count – cholesterol, liver, thyroid, kidney etc etc Irritable Colon and Urinary Tract infection diagnosed and treated. Fertility/Infertility – Sperm count, testicular examination and referral for ultrasound if indicated. Testicular lumps. ColonCancerCheck. All skin diseases diagnosed & treated. Insurance – Medical check. Vasectomy

S.T.I. screeningMore Information.
ProstateCheck – A Prostate screen can give you peace of mind simply by having an examination, blood & urine checks.
ColonCancerCheck – This consists of a rectal examination, blood & faecal tests.