Two methods are available here up to 72 hours after the risk. The quicker the “Morning after Pill”/ Emergency Contraception is acquired the lower the failure rate.

We carry both the over the counter pill and ellaOne which is substantilly more effective than the over the counter method.


ellaOne tablet 30mg is the newest oral emergency contraception with a 98% success rate to prevent pregnancy. It should only be taken occassionally and is not an alternative to contraceptives, it should never be taken more than once in a singular menstruation cycle. It is advised to take ellaOne within three days of the unprotected sexual contact. ellaOne is a progesterone blocker, and is believed to function by changing the lining of the woumb to an infertile phase so that it sheds and bleeding occurs. It is also thought to prevent some ovulations.

After taking ellaOne it is advisable to avoid intercourse or to use a barrier method (i.e. condom), irrespective of using the pill or not. After taking ellaOne most women have a normal period at the expected time. If your period is more than 7 days late or is lighter/hevier than usual or you have a concern that you are pregnant, you should perform a pregnancy test and/or consult your doctor.

Possible side effects include: nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, dizziness, tirdness, mood swings, muscle pain, back pain etc. If any other side effects present, then you are advised to contact your doctor.

Breast feeding: Special arrangements have to be made for the milk if you are breast feeding.

If you have had an infection risk you should have an STI check, we provide this service.

If you have any allergies or are on any medication then you should inform your doctor.

The information above must be read and understood before taking ellaOne.

ellaOne can only be obtained on perscription from the doctor: Tel: +353 86 8818857