S.T.I./S.T.D. screening is completely discrete and confidential. Only tracking numbers and initials are used to keep track of test samples. Dr. R and M Casey run the clinic in Patrick St. An STI check is only one of the services offered there. It is one of the many services offered here. If you are worried about a sexual risk please do not hesitate to call the phone number above. You will be given a time to come to see the doctor that suits you. During female examinations a female chaperone is always in attendance.

The S.T.I. screen consists of testing for the following infections:


   Hepatitis A, B & C




   Swabs for bacterial infections i.e. Thrush, bacterial vaginosis (B.V.) etc.

   Examination for genital warts. – Genital warts diagnosed & treated.

   Genital Herpes